At the forefront of Dynamo Lubricants’ business is the sustainability and uplifting of the communities we grow together with.

For every single litre of all our oils and lubricants sold, we actively allocate 1 US Cent to select orphanages and needy schools across the South and South East of Asia.

While you keep your vehicles rolling and industries growing, Dynamo Lubricants will keep the oils and lubricants flowing.

Together, we will make sure the youth stay schooling and learning.

In Myanmar, many children remain out of school and are unable to attend, let alone complete a formal education. Although Myanmar has seen much economic improvement and development in recent years, many schools still struggle to give children an optimal education in order that they may have a good start in life.

Three out of ten children do not complete primary education with the prime reason of dropout relating to families facing economic hardship, which in turn results in many children giving up education in order to work.

Furthermore, orphanages are seeing a startling rise in the number of abandoned children. More than 280 registered orphan centers attempt to care for over 36,000 children, not taking into account the countless unregistered orphan centers throughout the country.

Childhood occurs only once in our lives. Dynamo Lubricants is working hard to ensure that we play our part towards making the childhood of these children a more joyous and positive one.


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