Dyna Turbinol Series lubricants are long recognized for their high quality and reliability. Dyna Turbinol Series are Zinc-Free turbine lubricants specifically designed for use in gas and steam turbine applications. Dyna Turbinol Series lubricants are formulated with carefully selected base stocks and additives, including antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors and anti-foam agents. These components provide outstanding resistance to oxidation and chemical degradation over time. Dyna Turbinol lubricants exhibit excellent water separability, resistance to emulsion formation and anti-foaming characteristics which provide reliable operation. Their enhanced air release properties are critical for turbine hydraulic control mechanisms. The performance features of Dyna Turbinol Series oils translate into excellent equipment protection helping increase turbine operation reliability, enabling reduced downtime and extended oil charge life. Dyna Turbinol Series performance is evidenced by its ability to meet or exceed a wide range of industry standards and equipment builder specifications for steam and gas turbines used around the world.

Dyna Dyna Turbinol Series Oils are available in ISO VG 32, 46, 68

Meets or exceeds most major turbine equipment builder specifications and industry specifications (ISO VG 32). Simplifies lubricant selection and application / Assures compliance with equipment builder’s warranty / Minimizes lubricant inventory.
Superior oxidation, chemical and color stability. Designed to provide extended oil charge life and help reduce oil purchases and disposal costs. Helps control deposit formation to help reduce filter plugging and equipment fouling for reducing downtime and maintenance costs. High level of turbine system reliability and reduced unscheduled downtime.
Excellent water separability that helps to insure good lubrication film to protect turbine bearings / Maximizes water removal system efficiency and minimizes oil replacement costs.
Enhanced rust and corrosion protection. Prevents corrosion of critical oil system components for reducing maintenance and prolonging component life.
Rapid air release and resistance to foaming that prevents erratic operation and pump cavitation, reducing pump replacement and increasing pump efficiency.
Zinc Free. It reduces environmental impact.


Dyna Turbinol Series Oils are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of circulation systems of steam and gas turbines. Specific applications include

  • Electric power generation for high output base load utilities.
  • Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants operating in base load or peak generation modes.
  • Gas turbines in Captive Power plants.
  • Gas or steam turbine prime movers.
  • Hydroelectric turbine applications

Available grades

ISO VG 32, 46, 68

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