Dyna Challenger



Dyna Challenger Motorcycle Oils are advanced performance semi synthetic motorcycle oils. The unique, semi synthetic structure formulations enables them to offer advantages beyond conventional motorcycle oils of similar viscosities. Semi synthetic fluids do not require as much thickener to achieve a multigrade viscosity rating and, in some cases, do not require any thickener. As a result, the formulations tend to be very shear stable and thus, provide a solid, protective oil film for engine bearings, piston rings, transmission gears and other critical engine parts.

Dyna Challenger Motorcycle Oil is designed for engine oils where JASO MA or MA-2 (T903: 2006) are required, as well as API SJ or SL. The oil is engineered primarily for on-road, high-performance, 4-stroke sport bikes, however, it may be used in other types of on and off-road 4-stroke motorcycles. Dyna Challenger Motorcycle Oil is formulated to help offer outstanding protection in 4-stroke, V-Twin type engines, particularly those which are air cooled and tend to run hotter than other types of engines.

Ideal friction characteristics for four stroke motorcycles
Cascadable performance levels
Balanced dispersant inhibitor package
Contains ashless dispersants, detergents, antioxidants and antiwear additives
Optimal power transfer and clutch torque capacity in 4T motorcycles
Fewer deposits on engine parts
Better sludge control in oil
Reduction in oxidative thickening of oil • Helps prevent wear in engine • Provides Rust and corrosion protection

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