Dyna Flush 32



Dyna Flush 32 is a low viscosity flushing oil, intended for the high- speed flushing of circulating systems. Dyna Flush 32 is a very low sulphur content non-detergent industrial Group II flushing oil that is suitable for the flushing removal of light hydrocarbon based industrial fluid systems. Dyna Flush 32 is hydrocarbon based and is fully compatible with most hydraulic, turbine or heat transfer system requiring comprehensive cleaning and fluid extraction before recharge materials. It is light enough to penetrate into remote reservoirs in hydraulic and turbine systems. Dyna Flush 32 is a non-detergent fluid and therefore can be used with full confidence in calcium sensitive environments. Dyna Flush 32 is highly effective engine flushing oil and is intended for clearing the buttered system of carbonaceous and varnish adjournment of gasoline and diesel engines of all types and also mechanical transmissions and allowing transition to oils with higher operational properties. It is recommended for use at transition from mineral oils to semi synthetic and synthetic oils.

Used to remove built up system contaminants and provide maximum life for new lubricant fill. Restores mobility of piston rings. Prevents blocking of hydrojacks and eliminates their knock. In the course of washing oil channels, other knots of the engine are cleared of harmful adjournment formed while in service. Application is recommended at each replacement of oil.

Readily separates from water and has a high resistance to emulsification.
Provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion, and good antiwear properties.
Excellent air release properties allow entrained air to separate, avoiding pump cavitation.
Removes light deposits and sludge.
Long term protection against rust and corrosion.
Longer equipment life, reduced maintenance and downtime.
Improved system cleanliness and new oil life.

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