Dyna Agrotrac



Dyna Agrotrac is a high performance semi synthetic lubricant intended for use as a universal tractor transmission and hydraulic oil. It is formulated from high quality base oils and an advanced additive system to achieve outstanding improvements in wet brake and power take off (PTO) chatter control as well as enhanced viscosity retention (shear stability) in field service. It has improved extreme pressure properties which provide superior protection against wear under the most severe operating conditions. Resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation is outstanding and ensures protection against sludge and varnish deposits.

Dyna Agrotrac, SAE 10W30 compounded fluids are designed to satisfy the tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) performance requirements of: • John Deere • J.I. Case • Massey-Ferguson • White Farm Equipment • Allis Chalmers • Ford • International Harvester. Dyna Agrotrac, SAE 10W30 meets or exceeds most tractor fluid OEM requirements, current and obsolescent. It is additionally suitable for: • GL4 • Caterpillar TO-2 • Dennison • Deutz • Fiat-Hesston • Kubota • Landini • Oliver • Renk • Steiger • Versatile • Vickers • Sauer Sunstrand • Sperry Vickers

Reduces wet-brake chatter and ensures high braking capacity.
Superior wet-clutch performance smoothes clutch operation.
High tolerance to water contamination without sludge formation, which could cause filter clogging and hydraulic system malfunction.
The antioxidation capability allows the oil to work properly at high temperatures, helping keep transmissions and hydraulic system parts cool and clean.
Provides protection against rust and corrosion, particularly during low-use periods.
Anti-wear additives keep gear and bearing wear to a minimum.
The extreme-pressure formulation of Dyna Agrotrac develops a durable fluid film, which helps prevent metal-to-metal contact.

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