Dyna Farmtrac

SAE 10W40


Dyna Farmtrac SAE 10W40 is a semi synthetic blend, extra high performance, multi-functional lubricant and is recommended for use in farm tractors and related applications calling for a STOU fluid (Super Tractor Oil Universal). Dyna Farmtrac SAE 10W40 can be used for crankcase of diesel and four stroke gasoline engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, wet brakes, power take offs (PTO), hydrostatics and power steering. It is engineered using high quality base stocks and an optimised additive system. Dyna Farmtrac SAE 10W40 lubricant is recommended for use in a wide range of severe duty applications and extreme operating environments found in the farming industry which includes all tractor types, combine harvesters, crop sprayers, some construction equipment and materials handling equipment.

The use of high quality additives & base oils in Dyna Farmtrac SAE 10W-40, delivers leading performance in the ability to handle water and not allowing it to interact with tractor components, or to separate out from the fluid.

Reduces wet-brake chatter and ensures high braking capacity.
With an excellent thermal and oxidation stability it reduces sludge build-up and high temperature deposits.
The oil having a good rust and corrosion protection enhances reduced wear and long equipment life especially in hydraulic components.
The oil has a better component compatibility with Multipurpose products which prolongs gasket and seal life and reduces inventory and chance for misapplication.
The high temperature viscosity retention and volatility control properties almost diminishes the engine scuffing, bore polishing, and oil consumption.
The effective frictional and load carrying properties in the oil, increases power, improved power train performance, and elimination of chatter in wet brakes.
Excellent low temperature pumpability and performance of the oil makes easier engine start-up, reduced wear in critical valve train and good hydraulic response.
Effective detergency/dispersancy level in the oil cleans the engines providing a long engine life.

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