Dyna Trans Power



Dyna Transpower, CVT Fluid, is a fully synthetic high performance, continuously variable transmission fluid designed to meet the service fill use for many Japanese designed vehicles. It provides smoother, consistent all-weather step-less shifting, & all-around lubrication protection of the transmission components to help extend transmission service life & provide a smooth driving experience. Proven performance in both chain & push belt CVT applications. Dyna Transpower, CVT Fluid shows excellent friction performance when compared to existing FF (Friction Factor) CVT fluids of key OEMs – JASO M358 Steel-on-Steel Friction/ JASO M349 Anti-Shudder Durability/ JASO M348 SAE 2 Clutch Friction Durability. Dyna Transpower, CVT Fluid is developed differently than normal ATFs, formulated from high-quality base oils combined with an advanced additive system to ensure consistent repeatable, smooth, step-less shifts under a broad range of driving conditions, temperatures & transmissions.

Proven performance in both chain & push belt CVT applications & may be used in continuously variable transmissions in Japanese designed vehicles & meets the requirements for use in Audi Chain G- 052-180-A2, Honda Push belt HCF-2, Nissan Push Belt NS-2, Subaru Chain CVTF Lineartronic, Toyota Push Belt CVTF-FE.

Excellent thermal & oxidation stability for long & consistent transmission performance.
Optimized friction characteristics provide transmission efficiency & shifting performance.
Good film-strength & anti-wear properties reduce wear & maintain good transmission life.
Excellent low- temperature properties provide easier start-ups & improved lubrication at low ambient temperatures.
Effective foam control properties provide consistent shifting performance & reduce fluid losses in severe service.
Compatibility with all common seal materials helping the control of oil leakage.
Heavy emphasis on steel-on-steel performance while balancing anti shudder performance.
Excellent shear stability & extreme wear protection. Protection across a wide temperature range.

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