Since 1950, the team behind Dynamo Lubricants remain focused on its core competencies which are the commitment to produce and supply high quality and trusted oils and lubricants for automotive and industrial use. Dynamo Lubricants boldly exceed all expectations with its wide range of engine oils, gear and transmission oils, performance grease, and specialty lubricants.

Internationally marketed by Our Kismat, an independent energy trading company with operations across South East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, West Africa, and the Oceania countries, Dynamo Lubricants represents superior quality and exceptional value and is trusted for its time-tested power, endurance, and toughness as symbolised by the mighty rhino.

Taking into account the leaps and bounds of advancements in automotive and industrial technology, the team at Dynamo Lubricants apply its decades of experience and expertise in the technical know-how of the intricacies of both modern and traditional machinery. A homegrown and eventually expanded team and network of engineers, technicians, chemists, and mechanics cum automobile enthusiasts constantly innovate and evolve the very core and foundation of traditional oils and lubricants while incorporating the latest in German and American innovation and technology.

Today, Dynamo Lubricants celebrate a wide and diverse line of automotive and industrial product solutions. Boldly made according to international ISO-certified quality management systems, Dynamo Lubricants is the preferred choice when it comes to uncompromising performance for contemporary times.