Dynamo Lubricants’ core competencies lie in the formulation, creation, manufacture, and supply of high quality and trusted oils and lubricants for automotive and industrial use.

We achieve our goals and objectives by focusing on our decades long experience and expertise while leveraging upon our unique selling points that drive our business and mission forward through the creation of products and solutions that benefit consumers, commerce, and industry.

By having a focused vision, single-minded mission, along with fluid and adaptable goals and objectives that take into account innovation and an ever-changing business environment, Dynamo Lubricants is primed to be a mainstay in the oils and lubricants sector and will continue to create value-added solutions that withstand the test of time.


To be internationally recognised as a superior quality and exceptional value oils and lubricants brand.


To meet and boldly exceed both the present and future demands, needs, and expectations of consumers, commerce, and industry.


1. Create superior value through the manufacturing and supplying of high quality oils and lubricants.

2. Being uncompromising in meeting international quality standards, certifications, and regulations.

3. Conduct business and commerce in an honest, consistent, and sustainable manner.

4. Constantly achieve and exceed operational standards and excellence.

5. Encourage, nurture, and reward a corporate culture that gives birth to new ideas and solutions that innovate and uplift commerce and community.